GDR Coordination Team

For a period of 4 years (starting Jan. 2023), the GDR is coordinated by Sophie Henrot-Versillé as director,

and Samuel Boissier and Vincent Vennin acting as deputy directors,

together with a steering commitee composed of Working Groups coordinators

Dark Energy WG

Alain Blanchard

Philippe Brax

Pauline Zarrouk


François Bouchet

Matthieu Tristram


Vivian Poulin

Pasquale Serpico

Guilhem Lavaux

Yann Rasera

Simon Prunet

Our Goals

Ensure and strengthen the scientific animation in cosmology in France
Identify areas In which new Task Forces and WGs should be created
Participate in roadmap exercises if and when required
Coordinate with other related GDR and IRN